Saturday, October 23, 2010

my photo

I took this picture because the way the light hit the the image you could see the different parts.

The picture was a shot of the guns and the different parts.

What would you name this picture?
Please leave me a comments.


  1. Yes, I see that. Have you compared your photo to Alba Friendship's? Hers is in color. Yours in B&W. What if you increased the intensity of the Blacks and Whites. Ask Ms. Denniston or Ms. Hagler what tools they have to allow you to play with different intensities of B and W. I think you may get some fascinating results. A name? "At Rest" perhaps. You might get a different answer from me depending on the contrasts and shades that you could get from playing with the B&W settings. Try it and see what happens!

  2. Hi!
    I am in Dr.Strange's class at the University of South Alabama. I really do like this picture. It is so subtly powerful. I do agree with Dr. Strange in his comment about trying it black and white as well, it would add a bit more of a dramatic aspects to it. It would defiantly make it stand out more. It would be like: BAM! Here I am! Anyway, for a title maybe you could try "Peace be Still" because even though it is something so powerful I still get a calmness from the picture. It is like a nice mixture or peace and power. It is truly an amazing photograph. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Hi!
    I really like your photo. Black and white photography can be very challenging. You've done a great job of framing the image. Having the guns take up the whole frame is very eye-catching. Title suggestion: "Patience and Fortitude", a name taken from the lions that guard the entrance to the New York public library.

  4. I am excited to show this picture to my History students. Where we live, we don't get to see things like this, we only read about them or watch videos. Thanks for this post! I like the fact that the picture is in black and white, it makes it seem somewhat surreal. Good job!

    Miss B
    Montmartre, SK Canada

  5. How about "Silent" since they are not being used anymore. Weapons are the only things humans make that we hope never to have to use.

  6. Going off of Mr. Chamberlains idea, what about "formely violent" or something speaking to what they used to be?

  7. What a great picture! I like the thinking of the previous commentors and their titles. I think sleeping giants or something along the lines of their potential for violence if ever used again. Keep up the great work!

  8. Kia ora

    I love your photo because on my travels round the world I have been on many different ships in many different ports. I once took my class on an older US warship when it called in to the Port of Alotau in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. The kids were pretty freaked out looking at a similar view of the guns!

    Auckland, NZ

  9. Hi,
    My name is Cassandra Williams. I am from Dr. strange EDM310 class. I attend the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, Alabama. I am majoring in Elem. Education.
    Great picture! The black & white do make it look surreal. You can still see the deck and water in the background. For me, Just by looking at the picture makes me feel like I am really aboard the ship. The name that I came up with was "Two Arms". The reason I said that is because in the constitution they speak about the right to bear arms, which relates to guns, and in the picture there are two, so that is why I chose that name. Great job, keep up the excellent work!! This is my Class Blog

  10. Hello,
    I am also a student from the University of South Alabama. This picture is awesome! I like taking photographs on the side sort of as a hobby. Black and white pictures are my favorite simply because of the cool effects it creates. As for a name for your photo I would say, "A Look From the Past." I just get the sense that because it is black and white it is old and way back in history.

    Great job!!!

  11. Hi!
    My name is Lauren Myrick. I am a student at The University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 course. I really like your photo. Where exactly did you take this picture?
    I like the color that you have on the picture already. I think the color you have for the picture is perfect, and makes something so terrifying and destructive seem so peaceful. I think your title should be " serene destroyer". Serene because the picture is peaceful, and destroyer because of the destructive nature of the guns.
    I like this picture, and hope to see more!